How Do Adsense Increase The Business And Income

Ad sense is the program run by the Google Company that enables the publishers in the Google network to serve automated photo, text, video and other advertisements to publish in the targeted segment of audience. Advertisements are maintained by the Google Company. Revenue will be generated through per click or per impression basis. Company earns roughly around 22% of its revenue from Google Adsense as per their report. Roughly around 15 million websites around the world use the Google Ad sense product in their website.

Google uses the technology to place the advertisements on the website based on the content, geographical locations and other factors. People like ad sense since it is less intrusive and content will be mostly related to the website. Lot of people makes revenue by using the ad sense in their website. Google launched the ad sense program in 2003 with the aim of content targeted advertisements.

How it works

There are no restrictions that are all eligible to participate in the Google Ad sense. Anyone who is above 18 years of age can participate and earn the money through it. You must have the website where you can display the ads. To begin you first need to create ad sense account. Once account is created you need to upload ad sense code to your website. Google will check whether the website adheres to the guidelines it has laid down. Google Ad sense will start working only after the website is accepted and approved by the Company. Once you got approved you will be start earning. Google will pay every month as and when your account reaches the threshold limit of $100. Before processing the payment they will send physical mail to your registered account to verify. Ensure that you provide correct address at the time of registration itself. Once you are verified users you can start posting ad sense. You can post up to 3 ad sense units in any given web page. You can place the ad anywhere in the webpage without violating the rules laid down. You are now all set to run ad sense campaign and start earning.

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